Learn To Fly 3


Learn To Fly 3 the game opens with a cute little penguin in hospital with a bandage wrapped around his head, he gets out of bed and pulls out his lap top and sees pictures of him slamming into an iceberg with the words “Fail” plastered across it. More determined than ever, the little penguin checks out of hospital and takes to the icy slopes to get as much distance as he can and prove that penguins can learn to fly…and to take revenge against the icebergs!

The player gains control of the penguin as soon as he leaves the ramp and while he’s in the air uses the left and right arrow to tilt his nose up and down and hopefully gain as much distance as possible. The more distance, altitude, speed, duration and speed of the flight the more money you earn to upgrade your little penguin. Between each day you get the opportunity to buy equipment to increase the little penguin’s chance of success, you can buy kites and extra planks, bobsleighs and springs to help improve the penguin’s flight abilities.

There’s various challenges you can do made up of combo moves and medals that you can achieve. When you earn a medal you can also purchase extra bonus items all in the hope you will improve your flight and beat the icebergs. The game has a sense of humour as in between flight days there are post-it notes on the game screen with many funny quotes and witty comments.
The game has three modes including story mode, classic mode and arcade mode. As the game progresses you will be able to try out different terrains and rise above those pesky icebergs.
The music is very catchy and reminiscent of a funny little cartoon, it suits the general feel of the game very well. It’s a quirky little flash game and lots of fun to play!


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